Critical Thinking

“” ….I am not an impartial, objective critic. My judgments are nourished by my ideals, my sentiments, my passions.  I have an avowed and resolute ambition: to assist in the creation of Peruvian socialism……”   Jose Carlos Mariategui – Seven Interpretive essays on Peruvian Reality, 1928.

How often do we see an author  tell us what his real intentions are, as Mariategui did, at the very beginning of a book?

Many of us living in the USA are thankful that we live in a free and democratic society, where Freedom of the Press is guaranteed  in the constitution, and wrongly assume tha because we have access to much information that it is fair , accurate and unbiased. However, in the reading by T. Eland, we are reminded that  “our political, economic, cultural and religious institutions provide us with the filters through wich we see reality”. This is to say that even our, perceived, “objectivity” should be questioned in light of the biases that are  inculcated in us by the class structure, mores, values, religious beliefs and laws of the societies in which we live. 

Eland suggests that we look at the alternative press to get a different interpretation of events and that in this way we will come closer to being critical thinkers. I believe that we must go deeper into an analysis of ourselves and our beliefs  to examine our core values so that we can approach each situation with the knowledge of our biases and try to form objective conclusions, in spite of these biases and prejudices.



2 responses to “Critical Thinking

  1. I was also struck by Eland’s discussion of objectivity. I think that one of the biggest challenges of having information (more-or-less) readily available from so many media outlets — both alternative and mainstream — is to actively seek out information that represents different viewpoints from our own. And I agree that critical examination of our own biases is a worthy goal.

  2. Since there is so much information and news, it is easy to access those information and there is another issue that comes up. We need to figure out which one the real story is. Even though journalists offer reality and the truth, we need to keep our eyes open and have a critical mind when reading the news. The writers may easily convince people through their professional writing ability. I have experience in which I read an article about a political issue. There were two sides. However, I couldn’t figure out which one was right and what my stance was. Today is the time to have critical eyes and critical minds.

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