Virtual Newsroom

Blogs and wikis add new possibilities and dimensions to the resources of the vast information available in the ethernet.  A population of billions of people, with savvy 21st century technical know-how, contribute and explore the vast knowledge from around the world. Ideas are shared and translated into the many languages one fathoms that exists on this planet of ours.

In our class readings, Pavlik discusses  the advantages and disadvantages in our 21st century digitalized wide-world media explosion. Technology brings news at lightning speed across the globe. News can be seen and heard on televisions, computers and handheld mobile devices. Journalists bring news instantaneously from the field to the screen and air with the touch of a few keystrokes on a digitalized pad and digitalized camera in hand, reaching billions of people from around the globe. And with this media readily available, these billions of viewers can instantaneously blog back with opinions on the subject matter and add additional facts pertinent to the issue. News and all that it entails, with its myriad perspectives, is no longer seen with myopia but a world wide field of vision and shared dreams.


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