new technology

Since the technology invented in this world, our lives stared changing dramatically.  The new technology put a new speed in our lives and it started changing. The exponential rate of technology changed the media and the communication structures worldwide, which converting the under the mouse click. With the rapid growth of the new technology media include: internet, television, network, communication, pc, and computer and such as many other. The uses of the new technology have become aspects of everyday life. Now days we can access any web and can find any information we want to. Now we can think about a day without using technology because of the luck of technology.

In the article New Technology and the Media: An Uneasy Alliance, indicated the impact of the new technology which added a new speed in the media and as well in our lives too. The use of technology converting the media worldwide. Within a minute we can find out what happening around the world. The new technology added a new pace in journalism. Now day people don’t have to wait for the news paper because they can find any information from web surfing to blogging to email, and the TV media. All though there many benefits of using new technology and the media, but there problem as well as benefits.

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GN- Technology (General)


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  1. What are some of the problems and benefits of new media technologies? Are there any in particular that have impacted your life, either in school or outside of school?

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