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As an international student, I found myself troubled with the notion of plagiarism. This was more of an internal conflict rather than something that actually surfaced. For some time, I was a senior student in South Korea. There, using and transcribing information from other scholarly articles when writing research papers was not an issue. The reason for this leniency is due to the fact that college students are not professional writers and as students, we should learn from others. However, the term copy does not simply mean that a student copies and pastes other people’s ideas. Students must show his/her idea based on the information that he/she found. Students can copy the information as examples and explain ideas that already exist. However, they need to writer their own ideas and draw their own conclusions with the copied information. Students in Korea also need to indicate where the information came from but the way to copy from professional writing or scholarly articles definitely saves more time when writing research papers rather than changing the information into his/her own words. I believe that changing his/her words will help in understanding and absorbing the information well. However, as college students, we already know that if we do not understand, we cannot write out own ideas. I think the way of writing research papers differs in America and other countries. Yet the basic idea that the student needs to find their own ideas is the same anywhere in the world.

-Hyeongi Kim


3 responses to “Blog Response 1

  1. I think that your post brings up a good idea about what we as students are required in order for us to write up a “college: level paper. The main idea must always be original and written up by its own writer. Of course with your international point of view on writing with other peoples idea, i find is basically the same as the ones we have in the U.S. The biggest difference would still be that the U.S. just has a harsher punishment do those that plagiarize. But if we as human think about all these writings, i think there was always 1 or 2 ideas that are borrowed from another writer. I personally think that we should reconfigure the term plagiarism because there are many books that talk about the same thing and in the end it all comes down to who wrote that information first. There is nothing to fear about plagiarism because the main point of everything we write these days is that: If u don’t know if someone else wrote it, check online and copy down some links that are similar”. Everything is sort of plagiarized in some term so why make it so hard for us as students to write what we think since if in the same class there would at least be 3 other student who thought of the same thing as u and just word it differently.

  2. ^^I like your comment execution (rchen8277). Interesting point you bring up. In America, writing a paper means to be purely original, all context is from your own ideas (brainstorming) and they require you to site every little information you used in your text, its not so-that you change the bit of information and word it different-wording it different shows you kind of understand the concept but not so much, its more about the way you present the knowledge you observed. A conflict that occurs is when- Professors who assign specific topics for research- invite his/her students to confusion. When students choose their own topic-they’re more passionate about learning, hence their paper will come out different then the one they were forced to write about. I think its difficult restating scholarly text, or research information-because it can get very confusing at times. Besides that, I somewhat agree with both of you guys.

  3. We are also required to site where the text comes from but we don’t really need to change the content of the text. I believe the idea of changing information from other people is similar to that of copying because it is not MY idea to begin with. I feel as if I am just copying his/her ideas by changing some words or sentences. In america, students change texts and they say that it is their own opinion. However, it is still someone else’s opinion. I understand that changing texts will help students understand the concepts more. But still, we need to be reminded that a research paper is not an English grammar or writing paper. We need to understand the concept and come up with our own opinions.

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