Digital Dilemmas

Although new technology affects journalism in many positive ways, it also has many drawbacks. Since the launch of the internet, journalists and ordinary people have been able to gain new information as well as writer their opinions, ideas, and information easily. While not all bad, there are problems that arise from this exchange of information. Due to the large resource of information, it is difficult to determine the necessity of certain information. Also, uncertain information and news articles appear online, many of which may not contain the truth. An example of wrong information found online is are drug websites. The wrong information online harms society (ABS NEWS Article). Another issue stems from the existence of blogs. In South Korea, an actress committed suicide because of the content of her blog and the gossip that took place through the internet. Subsequently, the younger brother of the late actress also committed suicide. After these deaths, the Korean government seta new law in place that requires people to write articles and post replies using their social security numbers (An Article about the famous Korean actress Choi Jin-Sil). In doing so, this allows the government to maintain control of the information that is posted online. Today, it is easy to destroy a person’s life easily and lead people to draw wrong conclusions through the internet.

Subject heading:

HX519-550    Communism/socialism in relation to special topics

-Hyeongi Kim


2 responses to “Digital Dilemmas

  1. Thanks for adding these links, Hyeongi — these articles are interesting examples of some of the issues with the internet that we discussed in class. I didn’t know that in Korea people are required to use their social security numbers to post articles and comments online. Sounds like there is effectively no way to post information anonymously — do you think there are any negative implications in this situation?

  2. The internet does indeed have great advantages and disadvantages. Honestly, its sad how misleading information is floating around on the net, and anyone is able to access-and believe its the truth. This seems to happen in America ALOT.
    If you want, you can check out this article-its basically the most idiotic things that Americans tend to believe in. (even after some are proven false)

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