The world is changing

In Today’ s reading I found out that the world is changing in many way from word of mouth to the world wide web. In Pavlik, John P. From media in the Digital age of New York columbia unisersity press in 2008 talk about new techology and media becoming a uneasy alliance. “In fact media organizations, in particular news organizations, have typically had very small budget.” (Pavlik 2). This qoute show that media is had a hard time dealing with new technology and how it alway devolping make it hard to do research, due to the fact their are so many soucres. Even though new technoloy have so many soucres the media refuse to “test the water” (Pavlik 3). This qoute showes that the media rather let other poeple do the dirt work while the media just there scooping from the hard works.
In other Issue, even though they are different they work in an orderly fashion. When New techology incerase in growth and then follows right behind it; is the media who are expanding, even though the media my not be faster as the new techology, their soucres are opening up a whole new world through the world wide web. I’ve learn that opening up the world wide web is a good thing due to the fact that you have the information right at your finger tips.
Question #1: what if we had everything at our finger tip like books, information, and etc. What would happen to the paper back, would they sit on a shelf collecting dust and be lock away? Maybe that why everything is not at your finger like we think it is; their are many thing you still have to get like in the library or in stores. Question#2: what is daguerreotype? It really not clear to me in the reading?

– Lynn Jean


One response to “The world is changing

  1. You hit the nail on the head, Lynn: there are many kinds of information that is still not available for free on the internet. We’ll be talking more about them throughout the semester.

    A daguerreotype was the earliest kind of photograph, dating from the early 1800s. If you have any questions about terms used in any of the readings please feel free to look them up in Wikipedia or a dictionary for more information.

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