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“Who is a journalist?” (p6). In a sense we can all consider ourselves journalists, literally speaking. Whether it means to write a report on current events, being a witness of a tragedy, blog, or simply keeping a journal; we all engage with media, culture and technology every day.  In the excerpt New Technology and the Media: An Uneasy Alliance, Pavlik provides several suggestions for  technology to improve the way media presents itself. Although I’m not a huge fan of technology, I found his second suggestion most intriguing. A virtual experience through your own mobile or hand-held equipment. The feature is similar to a video game; it allows you the experience of being a character in the game, while walking around accessing stories (past and present) in the specific location you’re standing in. This feature will attract new audience, specially the youth because it provides a sense of adventure and mystery-since every step becomes knowledge of new information. So, not only will they learn but will also enjoy engaging in this activity.

A suggestion I highly disagree with is-suggestion three, a “virtual newsroom”. A virtual newsroom means there is no setting for news reporters, editors and journalists. They will not come together to organize ideas and publish a clean report. For me-it would mean no more looking forward to watching World News at 7pm. Having a virtual newsroom we also lose creativity and a sense of traditional broadcasting.

I enjoyed this excerpt so much; I decided to search for videos on Media in the New Age. This is the result:

Pavlik, John. (2009). Media in the Digital Age.

It helped me understand Pavliks vision. Pavlik addresses the pros and cons of technology and the media. I appreciate his effort to try and change the way of storytelling in order to keep audiences and the world of journalism from becoming archaic.

My question: Will twitter become “journalism” in the future?



One response to “Blog Response 2

  1. I agree in the sense that everybody can be consider a reporter, since new technology is created and is ease to record and transmit information. I also agree with to have “A virtual experience through your own mobile or hand-held equipment” and I definitely think that this will attract new audiences.

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