Growing Opportunities

By: Jessica Deng

We live in a society where technology is constantly growing and shifting. Everyday new technologies present new and efficient ways  for journalists and other media professionals.  A constant growth of  technology has many benefits in four areas as Pavlik states in the passage.

  • First, as we all know new technologies often present new and more productive ways for journalists and other media professionals to do their work. Current hand-held gadgets can provide low-cost digital photography and  efficient access to navigational services.
  • Next, new technologies can turn over the nature of storytelling and media content in potentially positive and engaging ways. In Columbia University, an innovation called the “Situated Documentary” permits news consumers to visit sites of distant past or recent news.
  • Third,  new technologies have a large significance for the management, structure, and culture of media organizations. A news organization can explore the choice of  the “virtual newsroom” which is a newsroom without walls. Pavik described, “It can be established in nearly any community using high- speed wireless Internet access and mobile media.” The  virtual newsroom can be a representation of a cost-saving innovation in news coverage.
  • Finally, the most important opportunity that new technologies can bring forward is the conversion of relationships between news organizations and their audiences, views, regulators, sources, and competitors.

New technology is an ever growing expansion and now that we are in the 21st century, journalism and media  will be undergoing a lot of changes. Of course when there a lot of positive factors; there are also negative factors but Everyone at any age group, class or status  will be or are already in a special position because as technology is growing, our lives are becoming more simple but also sophisticated. Life is made easier with technology.


One response to “Growing Opportunities

  1. I agree that there are lots of positive aspects of new technologies, and that our lives can be made easier with technology. What are some examples of the ways technologies have made your life easier, simpler or more sophisticated? What technologies are most important to you?

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