Knowledge is power

Hi m y name is Lynn Jean; Let me take you deep into the deepest depths of a well know book written by one of the greatest writers who had ever wrote tips on helping, and encourage viewers in planing work studies and many more through a world of information. This man is named William B. Badke the author of Research Strategies. In his wonderful book of strategies, viewers being to learn the fine art of the importance’s of information; it’s vases knowledge of how it set up to be any amazing source that help mankind in living life to the fullest, and survive it challenges. Take the time and think back to a place of how information was send out, before technology and writing was ever formed, do you had a picture, good hold on to it!

Yes! You got it was by word of mouth were this information were pass down from generation to generation, now image if information never got out. “They were starving, because no knew what plants were edible and what were deadly” (Badke 2). This quote shows that many people have starve to death because of the lack of information of which food source were good for the picking or deadly to devour. I’ve learned the importance of information and how it’s used in many way not just to survive, but to advance all of mankind make it; what it is today has we know it.

In today’s society we have made major discoveries by Entering the World Wide Web, giving us the abilities to communicate with each other in many forms and send information fast, more memorable and easier making knowledge more attain to the world. “One approach to preservation of electronic data has been to rethink copy right for electronic document” (Badke 8).This quote shows us that do to world-wide web document we were able to be saved and persevered show the organ of where it came from and making it valid for proof that it is real. In Mr. William B. Badke author of Research Strategies, He showed his reader how to understand the concept of information that it not just paragraph of word and etc. it goes fewer then that tell viewers that Information = Knowledge: and If Knowledge is power and power is the key. I leave you with this question what is information?

By: Lynn Jean



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